Commercial Law

You've got ideas. We protect them.

Commercial Law was and remains one of the main sectors of legal services we provide. That respective sector established us as one of the top Law firms in the country as a result of our thriving results in Corporate and Bankruptcy Law which lead the majority of the country’s successful businesses to be our clients.

We have an accomplished team handling cases of Competition and Consumer law, up to date with the recent EU Directives on Damages and collective redress, in coordination with the respected legal structures of Greece, the Competition and the Consumer authorities.

In addition, our team is exceptionally equipped to handle cases of Intellectual Property, Copyright, Patent law and Geographical Indications. Our firm has handled numerous cases of IP since a large percentage of our clients are Radio/ TV Stations, Newspapers and Digital Media Firms. Concurrently, we excel as well in the licensing process of Mass Media, as we have handled the vast percentage of the licensing of the current Media Blocks of the country.

Nikos Agapinos, senior partner and founder is a Commercial Law Specialist (LLM in Commercial Law from the Université Grenoble) with decades of experience and numerous of significant cases in his portfolio. Additionally, Tellos Agapinos has also specialized in Commercial Law (LLM in Commercial Law from the University of Glasgow) as a Competition and Intellectual Property Law expert in EU, US and Greek Law.

We can state with confidence that we provide the highest quality of legal services possible in Commercial Law contributing vastly to the success of our client’s Firms and the county’s Economy.